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Zoning Your Home to Improve Efficiency

Better comfort and home efficiency is within reach when you call your local HVAC technicians. Central AC and heat have changed the way people think about comfort for the better. But there’s one common complaint about central comfort systems: a lack of control over the temperature in various rooms of the home.

Technicians can zone your home’s heating and AC systems so that you feel more comfortable and have more control over the temperature in your house, whether you’re in the living room or relaxing in your bedroom. Learn more in the guide below!

How Technicians Zone Your Home

When you decide you want a zoning system for your home, you’ll need to call in qualified technicians for the work. They must access your ducts in order to install dampers that open and close to let in more air or restrict airflow, along with a control system.

First, they will assess your home and work with you to see how many zones you would like to section off, whether that is just two (upstairs and downstairs) or all of the bedrooms in the home. Each zone you’ve created gets its own thermostat, or you can control all of the zones from the central master thermostat.

The Benefits of Zoning

Not sure if this is a necessary installation for your home? Check out some of the benefits:

  • Better efficiency – You may save some money with a zoning system. For instance, in the summer, you can raise the temperature in parts of the home you’re not using for maximum energy savings.
  • Accurate heating and cooling throughout the home – Sometimes, certain parts of the home (like the downstairs rooms) are more difficult to heat than others. A zoning system can help to keep temperatures accurate throughout the home, letting more airflow into zones that need it most.
  • Fewer disagreements – These installations can help to keep things calm in the home, as you won’t have to worry about family members battling over their preferred temperature settings.

Boehmer Heating & Cooling offers zoning services and much more in Pittsburgh, PA. Call our friendly team today!

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