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Air Conditioning System Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do for your Pittsburgh area home, especially as the summer draws near, is schedule air conditioning system maintenance. Each year millions of homeowners neglect a simple checkup and their air conditioners are pushed to the limits. The system might last one more summer, but what about one year from now? Will it hold up on the hottest of days or after a particularly wet and wild spring? The last thing you want is the protective cooling power of your air conditioning unit giving out right as the weather gets warmest.

Boehmer Heating & Cooling highly recommends annual checkups on your air conditioning system. You wouldn’t drive your car for 10,000 miles without an oil change – so why would you run your air conditioner for two years without a checkup? For all of our years in business we have provided a full range of AC services including basic checkups and service repairs on damaged units.

Any Air Conditioning Unit, Any Time

There are hundreds of different air conditioning systems out there that might require maintenance. Our repair and service specialists have spent years mastering the intricacies of all types of systems from small ductless mini–split air conditioners to full blown central air conditioning systems.

Even if you use an old or off brand air conditioner that we don’t carry, our expertise extends to all types, sizes and brands of cooling units. We can also take over your air conditioning system maintenance from the contractor who installed your system. Regardless of your needs we can ensure you get the regular maintenance and cleaning needed to keep your machine up and running when it’s needed most.

Why AC Maintenance Helps

So, what’s so important about air conditioning system maintenance? Again, like your car it might be tempting to try and avoid spending money on something that seems to be functioning well. But, also like your car, if you neglect regular maintenance, your air conditioning system can quickly develop problems that can lead to much more expensive repairs and eventually require full blown replacement.

Our maintenance services are not only inexpensive, but they’re only needed once or twice a year and will ensure your air conditioner keeps operating when you need it most. More importantly, you’re far less likely to pour money into your energy bill each month, a common problem that develops if your cooling system gets clogged, breaks down or misses a maintenance visit.

Not only that, but a well maintained air conditioner will last longer. Most systems are graded for a potential lifespan–somewhere between 10 and 15 years. Without maintenance, that number can be cut down significantly. Having to replace your air conditioner every 5 years is not only unnecessary, it’s very expensive.

Scheduling Air Conditioning Maintenance

If it’s been years since your last maintenance visit, it’s not too late. It might seem like your system’s problems are quickly growing beyond help, but the Pittsburgh area air conditioning technicians at Boehmer can provide quick and thorough maintenance on all types of systems. We will check for blockages, change filters and ensure your system remains as efficient as possible moving forward. Coil cleaning, replacement of old parts and adjustments to ensure your thermostat remains accurate and comfortable are all part of the maintenance experience we provide.

So, don’t delay another day. Contact us to get the air conditioning system maintenance your system needs done now, not later.