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Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Whitehall, PA

When you need heating, air conditioning or indoor air quality services in Whitehall, PA, call the professionals at Boehmer Heating & Cooling. Since 1933 we have been the trusted choice for HVAC services including installation, replacement, repair and maintenance. Our phones are answered live, 24-hours a day. No matter when you call, our team is there and ready to help!

Whether you need emergency HVAC repairs or you’d like to set up an appointment for a new installation, we’re only a phone call away. Contact us today to schedule heating or air conditioning services in Whitehall, PA and the surrounding area.

Heating Services in Whitehall, PA

We tend to ignore our heaters until something goes wrong with them, or until our winter heating bills become so high that we’re forced to consider other options. In a town as cold as Whitehall, PA, that can be a significant problem. If you need a new heater, or your old one just needs a little tender loving care, Boehmer Heating & Cooling has the professionals to handle installation, repair and any other heating service you may require.

When you need heating services in Whitehall, PA, call our technicians for professional service. Since 1933 we’ve been the trusted choice for HVAC services that you will love.

We offer Heating System Repair

Heating repair service can’t be limited to one certain type of heater. Someone trained to fix a forced-air furnace can’t apply those skills to a boiler and vice versa. Furthermore, a good repair service needs to respond whenever there’s trouble, not just according to an 8-to-5 schedule. When you call our company for furnace repair, boiler repair or tune-up services on any heating system, we offer all of that and more.

We cover all different makes and models of heaters in Whitehall, so call us for furnace repair, boiler services, heat pumps and more!

We Install and Service Furnaces in Whitehall, PA

Furnaces work in conjunction with your ductwork, which makes them an attractive option if you’re looking to integrate it with a centralized air conditioning system. Once it’s in place, you need to make sure that a reliable company is on hand to service it once a year (and ideally twice) to keep it running at its best. Call our team for furnace maintenance and furnace repair in Whitehall, PA.

We Install and Service Heat Pumps

If you own a heat pump, you know what kinds of savings you can enjoy in the cool months of fall when your heating bills start to rise. If you don’t, and your system needs replacing, you might consider installing one to enjoy the combined benefits of a heater and an air conditioner in one. Contact Boehmer Heating & Cooling today for all of the details!

We Install and Service Thermostats

If your thermostat is acting up, you don’t necessarily need to panic. In many cases, the issue can be resolved with a simple repair job, or by moving the thermostat to a part of the house that more accurately reflects the overall temperature. In the event of a serious problem. A trained expert can replace it with a new model, possibly one with upgraded features as well.

Air Conditioning Services in Whitehall, PA

If your air conditioner gives up the ghost, you need to get it replaced quickly before our Whitehall, PA summers hit you with another patented heat wave. But moving quickly isn’t the same thing as rushing. That’s why the pros at Boehmer Heating & Cooling will go through your options with you before performing an air conditioning installation, and will be there for you going forward to make sure it’s repaired and serviced properly. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do! Contact us to schedule air conditioning services in Whitehall, PA.

We Offer Air Conditioning Installation in Whitehall, PA

Good air conditioning starts with reliable AC installation. That means more than just picking out a model of air conditioner. A quality installation expert will analyze your home to determine the power output needed to cool it adequately, then find a system with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) as high as your budget can afford. That starts your new system off right and keeps problems to a minimum.

We Offer Air Conditioning Maintenance

Even the most reliable system needs a little TLC sometimes, and in Whitehall, PA, the sooner you can take care of that, the better. A high quality air conditioning maintenance session performed just before cooling season begins can help alert you to any larger problems with your system, as well as helping it perform more efficiently and lowering your monthly bills in the bargain! Our air conditioning tune-up services include cleaning, inspection and repair for long-lasting results. To learn more about our HVAC maintenance plans, call our team today!

We Offer Air Conditioning Repair

Maintenance can only go so far, however, and while it may reduce the risk of an AC repair bill, you might eventually need to address a serious concern. When that happens, you don’t want to have to wait around - especially in the face of a summer heat wave - and you want those repairs to be conducted with precision and care. That’s why our service professionals are the best-trained in the area. We won’t rest until you’re happy with our work!

Do You Need a Geothermal System or Geothermal Services?

If you’re curious about geothermal services, it pays to consult the experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling about the ins and outs. Geothermal systems work best in properties with a lot of square footage, but other options exists and you would do well to explore them before making a decision, You should also weigh the up-front costs - which are often more expensive than other types of HVAC systems - with the savings in monthly bills over time (often enough to offset the costs of installation considerably). Expert advice can help you make the right decision and start enjoying the benefits of this innovative form of heating and air conditioning!

Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality in Whitehall, PA?

If you suffer from asthma, if you have a newborn baby, or if there’s someone else in your household in sensitive health, then you should look into improving your indoor air quality with a filter, cleaner or UV germicidal light for Boehmer Heating & Cooling. They can remove dust, dirt and other contaminants from the air, as well as germs and other bacteria that breed illness. Whitehall, PA has its share of airborne contaminants, especially during allergies season when pollen and molds are seemingly everywhere. We can help you fight those unwelcome intruders by installing and maintaining an air filtration system in your home! Improve the indoor air quality with an air purification system in Whitehall, PA!