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Heating System Maintenance in Pittsburgh, PA

Each winter in Pittsburgh, PA, we can expect the heating systems in our homes to remain on for a long haul of cold days. Eventually, the heaters will go into hibernation when the spring thaw arrives, but they will have accumulated an enormous amount of strain on their components. It doesn’t matter if you have a furnace, boiler, heat pump, or some other type of heating system: it will start to wear down with all the work, leading to energy inefficiency and a broken heater.

The way to prevent your residential heater from early decay is to see that it receives annual maintenance from professionals. The same way that you need to care for your car with routine inspections and tune–ups, you must care for your heating system to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible and doesn’t threaten to break down on you when you need it the most. Contact Boehmer Heating & Cooling today and ask about our maintenance program for HVAC systems.

The experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling offer heating system maintenance services in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas.

Why Professional Heating Maintenance Is Necessary

Each year that a heating system goes without a professional inspection and tune–up will result in a number of negative effects.

  • Drop in energy efficiency: On average, a heater will become 5% more wasteful of energy for every year it skips maintenance. This will rapidly lead to you paying far more to run the system than you should.
  • Rise in chance of repairs: Around 85% of the repairs that a heater might need during its lifetime are avoidable due to maintenance.
  • Large risk of a break down: Perhaps the most important reason to schedule annual maintenance is that it’s your best defense against the heater abruptly breaking down during winter and leaving you scrambling to find repairs on a freezing day.
  • Shortened system lifespan: A heater with no maintenance will not last long, and you’ll find yourself paying for a replacement many years too early.
  • Safety hazards: This is principally an issue for gas–powered furnaces and boilers. Maintenance takes special precautions to see that your gas furnace/boiler has few safety issues, giving you valuable peace of mind.

When to Schedule Heating Maintenance

Although it’s never too late to start with heating maintenance if you’ve never had it done, you should make it a part of your annual routine, done each year without fail. The best time during the year to arrange for it is the fall, since it’s wise to always have equipment inspected right before you plan to make the most use of it. Fall is also a less busy time for HVAC technicians, and they will have no trouble fitting you into their schedules when it’s most convenient for you.

Boehmer Heating & Cooling Offers Superb Maintenance Plans for Heating and Cooling

Signing up for a regular maintenance program is the best way to care for your heater. The maintenance plans that we offer at Boehmer Heating & Cooling include taking care of your air conditioner in the spring as well, and provide additional benefits such as a 15% discount on repairs and priority customer status. Call us in Pittsburgh, PA today to learn the details of our excellent maintenance plans.