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Air Purification Systems in Pittsburgh, PA

Your HVAC system works hard throughout the year in order to ensure that you have a comfortable home to return to at the end of the end of the day. However, you really cannot expect your heating and cooling systems alone to keep your home as comfortable as you’d like in every way. In order to achieve a truly comprehensive level of comfort in your home, the air must be clean and pure, in addition to being kept at a comfortable temperature. Simply put, your HVAC system is not designed to ensure that this is the case when it comes to your indoor air quality.

It is for this very reason that companies like our own offer the installation and servicing of air purifiers. When your home is equipped with the necessary air purification system(s), you can breathe air that truly satisfies your quality expectations. Just remember that with any air purifier in Pittsburgh, PA that you may use must be installed and serviced by qualified technicians. You can simply dial our number to guarantee that this is the case.

Boehmer Heating & Cooling offers air purification system services throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Choosing the Right Air Purifier

It may sound like an old cliché, but it really is important to use the right tool for any given job. This is certainly true in the area of air purification. The good news, of course, is that there are different systems capable of resolving the various problems that homeowners may encounter with their indoor air quality. The bad news is that not all homeowners are diligent in ensuring that they are using the right air purifiers for their specific situation.

For instance, an electronic air purifier, such as an electronic precipitator, is a great option for homeowners looking to resolve issues with airborne pollutants, including dust and dirt, throughout their homes. These pollutants can be charged and collected on oppositely charged plates, which in turn are simply removed and cleaned on occasion. For biological pollutants, though, including viruses, mold, and bacteria, you will benefit greatly from UV air purifiers. These purifiers don’t filter the air to remove pollutants, but use UV radiation in order to destroy biological threats. This makes them a great supplement to, but no a replacement for, electronic air purifiers or an air filtration system. 

Learn more about the APCO whole home air purifier, which has a proven track record of reducing Molds, Germs, and Odors!

Have Your Whole–House Air Purifier Professionally Installed and Serviced

While there are certain instances in which a portable air purifier can be useful, homeowners are wise to opt for whole–house coverage when choosing their air purification systems. This means you won’t have to move anything around from room to room, and you really don’t need to have much hands–on experience with your air purifier. Simply have it installed, take care of its basic maintenance, such as cleaning any collection trays or plates, and enjoy improved indoor air quality.

Naturally, the only way in which to get the best performance that any whole-house air purification system has to offer is to schedule your air purifier installation and subsequent services with a trained, experienced IAQ technician. That’s the only type that you’ll find on our exceptional team. Learn more by dialing our number and inquiring about our air purifier products and services today.