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UV Germicidal Lights

Controlling indoor air quality is not a single step process. In some cases, a simple filter or purifier won’t get the job done on its own. Excess bacteria,

viruses, and mold can build up in any corner of your home and circulate regardless of the precautions you’ve put in place. That’s why UV germicidal lights are so effective – they target only the germs and bacteria in your house, cutting away the risk of illness that creeps up during certain times of the year. Fortunately, the Pittsburgh area indoor air quality experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling keep these ultraviolet lights in stock for any home comfort system application.

Do You Need to Worry?

If you have an air filtration system in place that has been installed in the last 5 years, you can rest assured that most of the particulates in the air are being flushed through filters or ionization processes. These systems are incredibly efficient at removing unwanted debris like pollen, dander, and dust that builds up naturally in any home.

But, germs are a different story. Even the most powerful ionizers and filters can miss a large portion of bacteria and viruses that are in the air you breathe every day. That’s why we recommend the inclusion of UV germicidal lights to supplement your standard filtration system.

UV Germicidal Light Installation

If you have an air filtration system in place that does not provide germicidal lights, contact us today to learn how we can supplement your existing system with enhanced protection.

However, if you are getting ready to install an air purification system for the first time, you are in luck because there are many models and sizes of air purifiers that come with ultraviolet germicidal lights included.

The system is usually installed directly after the filtration process, blasting a strong current of UV light that kills germs like bacteria and viruses as they exit the filter. If your filter misses germs, which it often does, the UV lights will blast them on their way out.

Making the Best Decision for Your Family

UV Germicidal lights are an option like anything else, but they can have a tremendous impact on the overall health and wellbeing of the people you love. The sheer volume of bacteria that can escape filtration and travel freely through your ducts and vents can be overwhelming, especially to those with weak immune systems.

Even normally healthy people will be at risk of increased illness that can all be cut off with the installation of UV germicidal lights, installed directly with or as an add–on to your current filtration system.

If you’re ready to make a change to how the air in your home is circulated and filtered, contact the Pittsburgh area UV light experts at Boehmer today to learn more about how germicidal lights can reduce the impact of unwanted and harmful bacteria in your home once and for all.