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Heating, Air Conditioning, and Indoor Air Quality Services in Westmoreland County, PA

If your home is struggling to keep up with the Westmoreland County, PA winter, or you find that your indoor air quality is poor, then it may be time to call in an expert. We specialize in a wide range of heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality solutions throughout this county and we’re eager to make certain that your home has exactly what it needs. We install new furnaces, heat pumps, and central air units from scratch, and we also replace older systems that are no longer functional. What’s more is that you can rely on our friendly staff throughout the year for last-minute repairs and regular inspections and cleaning.

Contact Boehmer Heating & Cooling today for exceptional residential HVAC service in Westmoreland County, PA.

How Efficient Is Your Heating System?

It’s tough to measure efficiency, but it’s basically the ratio between the energy required to produce heat and the heat produced. Theoretically, electric heating systems have 100% efficiency because they do not lose any energy during the combustion of a gas, but in practice, they rely on ductwork and insulation whose quality can range significantly from one home to another. The best way to get the best possible performance and efficiency from your heating system is by signing up for routine maintenance. (We also fix, install, and replace heaters!)

Whether Heating Installation or Replacement, We Can Handle It

Even if your budget were unlimited, you can’t just purchase any heater for your home. You need to take into consideration the size and layout of your living space as well as the quality of your home’s insulation in order to find a whole-house heating system that’s just right. We offer exceptional heating installation and replacement services.

Our Heating Repair Service Is Always Available

We like to think of ourselves as your go-to shop for all things related to your heating system. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced at handling a wide range of different HVAC equipment, including furnaces, heat pumps and boilers. Let us make sure that you’re warm all winter.

We Repair and Replace Furnaces

A gas or electric furnace is a machine that will keep the entire family warm throughout the Westmoreland County, PA winters. We not only install new furnaces and replace old ones, but our team can also make sure that your existing model is taken care of properly with repair or maintenance as need be.

We Maintain and Install Heat Pumps

Let our team find a heat pump that matches your home’s needs exactly. We specialize in such equipment and we work with high quality brands that will produce exceptional heating and cooling for years to come. Moreover, our team of technicians is also fully capable of handling any maintenance or repair needs that you might have.

Does Your Air Conditioner Need to Be Cleaned?

It’s probably filthy. But it’s also probably not something that you think of. The truth of the matter is that every air conditioner operating at full tilt during the summer will accumulate various debris, both on the outdoor unit as well as within the indoor unit. It’s imperative that you keep your entire whole-house air conditioner clean at all times so that it can work efficiently and effectively. We can do so with our air conditioning maintenance services in Westmoreland County, PA. We also specialize in all aspects of new system installation, replacement and repair.

Our Professional Air Conditioning Installation Service

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, then let our team know. We want to make certain that your new AC works just as it ought for many years to come. How do we do that? By taking a detailed heat load calculation, finding a system that matches your budget and integrating it seamlessly into your home. Call Boehmer Heating & Cooling today for air conditioning installation in Westmoreland County, PA.

We Fix Air Conditioners

Don’t wait for your air conditioner to break down completely before you reach out to our technicians for air conditioning repair. Catching the signs of a cooling problem early on will ensure that you avoid serious complications that can leave you hot this summer. Let us know what you need. We’re available day and night.

We Offer Comprehensive Geothermal Services

Geothermal offers a number of benefits when compared to conventional heating and cooling systems. One of the most important is improved energy efficiency. But you may be wondering how? While the details of ground-source heat pumps (as they are also called) are complex, the basic difference is between the range of temperature fluctuations in the air, and the relatively fixed temperature of the ground below the surface. A geothermal system allows you to tap into that moderate temperature to bring heating and cooling into your household year-round. Call our experts for further information and details.

Are You Looking for Better Indoor Air Quality?

As you can imagine, your home can easily accumulate contaminants and pollutants because of how tightly sealed it is against the elements. This design ensures that your entire space is as energy efficient as possible, of course, but at what cost? If you want excellent indoor air quality in your household, then reach out to our HVAC technicians today. We specialize in making sure that our customers have whole-house IAQ equipment that makes an impact. We offer a wide range of air purifiers, air filtration systems and UV lights, in addition to humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Contact a member of our team today to learn more.

We Offer Air Purifiers

We can make certain that your home’s indoor air quality is just as it ought to be. But we can’t do that with a portable unit. In order to make certain that your entire indoor air space is thoroughly scrubbed, reach out to a professional on our team today. We specialize in the installation of UV and electrostatic air cleaners as well as air filtration systems.