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Is Your Heating System Properly Maintained for Colder Weather?

Are you sure your heater is ready to start running when winter comes around? It may have been working just fine last season, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on service this year. Professional heating system maintenance is the only way to know your heater will be safe, to catch repairs early, and to save a little more money next season.

Know Your Heater Is Safe

One of the most important reasons to schedule a heating service with a trained HVAC technician is your safety. It might be somewhat rare, but a carbon monoxide leak or a gas leak is more and more common the less frequent your professional service visits. Keep your family safe by scheduling heating service before you need to use your heater.

Catch Repairs Early

If your heating system is not properly taken care of early on in the season, you might notice a lot of problems when winter comes around. There could have been a hidden heating repair need within the furnace or boiler of which you had no way of knowing.

Not all mechanical or electrical issues are obvious. A slowly wearing electrical connection or a slowing fan motor might not be apparent early in the season, when you use the system sparingly. But once winter comes and you’re running your system at all times, a sudden heater breakdown could catch your off guard. Annual maintenance catches heating problems like these earlier.

Save Some Money

You can also save some money on heating repairs and on your monthly bills with your annual furnace or boiler service. Catching repairs early means they don’t have a chance to spiral into something much worse—meaning the overall cost of repairs is at its lowest when you find problems during a professional maintenance visit. A tune-up is included with a maintenance visit as well, and this helps your equipment to run as smoothly as possible for the rest of the season.

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