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Don’t Skip Routine AC Service This Year

This year, be sure to call technicians to your home for a routine maintenance visit, no matter the age of your AC system. Many people decide to skip AC service for a year or two because they got maintenance last year, or because their air conditioners are only a couple of years old. But maintenance is a vital service for comfort and efficiency in the spring and the summer.

The Benefits Are Worth It

The benefits of regular AC maintenance services well outweigh the cost. Just take a look at how many homeowners save after scheduling this service each year.

  • Better Cooling – Your air conditioner is more likely to run smoothly after a tune-up, with all of the parts clean and in the best condition they could be—provided you don’t need any repairs.
  • Peace of mind – You get the peace of mind of knowing that your air conditioner is in good condition. Or, if there is something wrong, your technician can tell you so that you can schedule repairs before it gets any hotter, preventing the system from breaking down when you need it the most.
  • Greater efficiency – A system that gets a tune-up at the beginning of the season can save you a lot of money over the year by running more efficiently, using less energy with every cycle.
  • Additional benefits with membership – If you sign up for a maintenance membership plan with a good company, you become a priority service member. Often, this comes with perks, such as reduced service and repair costs.

Schedule Service ASAP

Even if it’s not hot outside yet wherever you are, you can schedule service with a reputable technician ASAP. In fact, we recommend it! The sooner you schedule service, the better. You don’t want to wait until it’s hot outside and you want your AC system to stay on before calling in a technician for maintenance. You also don’t want to find out a part is in a state of disrepair when it breaks down on the hottest day!

Ask your local technicians about joining a maintenance plan, so that you can get this beneficial service year after year and save in other ways as well!

Boehmer Heating & Cooling offers a maintenance plan that can help you to save money and feel more comfortable in the summer and the winter! Call our friendly staff for exceptional customer service in Mt. Lebanon and the surrounding areas.

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