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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore These Furnace Sounds!

woman-covering-ears-to-avoid-hearingYour furnace makes noise. There’s no denying this fact, nor is there denying that there’s no such thing as a completely silent heater. There have certainly been advances in technology throughout the years that has made these systems quieter, but you’re always going to hear the unit cycle on and off, and air whooshing through the ventilation system. You may even hear a gentle rattling as the temperatures fluctuate inside your ductwork and cause your air ducts to shift a big.

But even though your furnace isn’t silent, there are some noises you should pay attention to, and give us a call when you hear them. Pretty much anything out of the ordinary sounds you hear on a daily basis should be cause for alarm, but we’ve shared some specifics below. Read on as we uncover some common noises a furnace in disrepair may make, and why you shouldn’t ignore them.


Does it sound like there is a banshee stuck inside your furnace? The good news is, that’s probably not what it is. But it could turn into something quite serious if you ignore it!

It’s most likely an indicator that your blower motor isn’t working like it’s supposed to. If a blower motor fails, that means your blower fan won’t work, and there will be no way for heated air to actually get distributed through your living space.

In most cases, this simply means that the blower motor needs to be lubricated. Our professionals can handle this quite easily, but it’s important to alert us to the problem ASAP before it grows into something bigger. Another good reason to call us right away is that it might not be a blower motor problem and instead be some other component that’s become loose or broken.

To get this problem properly diagnoses, you’ll want to contact our technicians so you have someone with the training and experience necessary to manage the problem.


Have you discovered something similar to metal-on-metal coming out of your furnace? If you think that’s what you hear, it probably is what you hear. This can be an issue with the furnace’s blower wheel or another component that’s become damaged or lose. If you hear a clanking sound like this, the best thing you can do is turn your furnace off until professional help arrives.


Sometimes described as a “bang,” this is a sound homeowners sometimes complain about hearing shortly after their furnace cycles on. What happens is that the burners of the furnace get dirty, and have a layer of grime sitting on them. The gas that ignites the burners builds up beneath this grime, until there’s enough that it can “POP” through. But that pop sounds more like a boom when it’s in your furnace!

This may seem like a fairly benign problem, and it’s not to say your furnace is going to explode or anything like that. However, booming causes your entire furnace to shake, which can damage important components, like the heat exchanger. Since this component houses potentially harmful gasses if released into your living space, this is definitely a problem you want to avoid.

Like we said above, anything outside of the normal, day-to-day sounds you hear should be cause for concern, so give us a call right away if you notice any odd noises.

For reliable heating repair in Brentwood, PA, look no further than our team. Call the friendly staff at Boehmer Heating & Cooling for exceptional customer service!

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