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4 Dangers of DIY Furnace Repairs


So let’s say that your furnace isn’t acting the way it should. And then let’s say you were lucky enough to find a video tutorial online that will help you fix this exact problem. Hey, no worries that the furnace in the video isn’t the same model, or that the person leading the video isn’t an HVAC pro! All you need is that video, some gloves, maybe a welding torch…

This is where we have to stop you.

Look, it’s not that we don’t have faith in your ability to pull off a DIY job, it’s just that we don’t think HVAC systems should ever be involved in a DIY job. After all, there’s a reason HVAC technicians get an education and specialized training to be able to work on these systems. Read on as we uncover 4 dangers of DIY furnace repairs.

Dealing with Gas Lines

Gas-powered furnaces are still among the most popular heating systems used across the nation. The idea of piping gas into your home and then lighting it on fire to create heat can seem pretty crazy. Furnace manufacturers seem to make it look easy though–and very safe. And it is safe when the furnace is properly installed and serviced by a professional.

Otherwise, there are a number of things that can go wrong with gas lines. It takes a specially trained and experienced professional to work with these lines. Trying to work with them yourself could lead to a harmful gas leak, and expose your family to dangers like carbon monoxide exposure.

Faulty Repairs Can Lead to Injury

We mentioned a gas furnace above, but any system has the potential to lead to injury if repairs are not done correctly. There is always a risk that something can be done incorrectly and end up hurting whoever is working on it. Even in an air conditioner, you won’t be dealing with combustion gases like you do in a furnace, but you will be dealing with refrigerant, which can be just as hazardous to expose yourself to.

There Are Electrical Hazards

You don’t even need to be working directly on the electrical components of an HVAC system or working on an electric furnace for there to be potential electrical hazards. Something as simple as a shorted wire can create conditions for electrocution from touching the wrong part of an HVAC system at the wrong time. An HVAC pro knows to take precautions like turning off the power or checking metal components with non-contact voltage detectors.

The average homeowner just is not trained with the foresight or proper tools to handle potential risks like this.

You’ll Void the Manufacturer Warranty

Sometimes components break down, and it’s due to a manufacturer defect. The manufacturer is willing to compensate you through your warranty. However, if you try to make a repair on your own and cause more damage, this will void that warranty, because you’re not a licensed professional. This means that while the manufacturer would have been financially liable for that repair, now you are.

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