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Power Outage Safety: How to Survive a Prolonged Power Outage

Monday, April 22nd, 2024

According to many sources, major power outages are more common and last longer than they did 10 years ago. Not only are they occurring with greater frequency, but the amount of downtime that people experience is also increasing. 

A power outage that lasts more than a few hours can have serious repercussions. For people who depend on medical equipment that depends on having power, a power outage compromises the ability to use essential equipment. The contents of your refrigerator can easily spoil during a prolonged outage, which results in the costly and wasteful replacement of groceries.

In addition to having a plan for when power outages occur, the best way to arm yourself in the event of a prolonged outage is to get a whole-house generator. We’re your trusted source for the best generator installations, maintenance, and generator repair in Upper St. Clair, PA

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Protect Your Home, Appliances & Electronics from Power Outages & Surges

Monday, July 3rd, 2023

Extreme weather and increased demands on the power grid are causing more frequent power outages and surges. As a homeowner, you may be wondering what you can do to protect your home in both situations. 

Portable generators and store-bought surge protectors are options, but they have their shortcomings and can only do so much. We can install whole house surge protectors and a standby or whole house generator in your Pittsburgh, PA home to give you peace of mind during the next major power outage. 

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Generator Buying Guide, Tips for Choosing the Right Generator for Your Home

Monday, May 9th, 2022

When we talk about the different types of generators, we’re generally referring to two basic types: the portable generator, or the whole-house generator. The latter is the one that’s going to give you the most bang for your buck.

This isn’t to say there is anything wrong with a portable generator. Portable systems are a great option for many scenarios, like if you’re going on a camp out and want to power up a cooktop, or maybe you’re “glamping” and want to turn on a TV! We’re not here to judge.

But what you should know about a portable generator is that while it’s a great option for short-term, specific use, the one situation where it really isn’t the right choice is if you want to power your entire home during a widespread power outage. In this scenario, you’ll want a whole-home automatic standby generator.

The best time to have one of these installed is in the spring, so right now! This prepares you for summer storms that could come our way and knock out power, leaving you without your HVAC systems, your refrigerator, and other important home components. Read on to learn more about why the whole-house generator is the right option to buy, and what you should know about these systems.

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Snowbirds Checklist: Tips for Preparing Your Vacant Home for Winter

Monday, August 30th, 2021

You might be wondering, after seeing the title of this blog post, “why on earth are they talking about winter already?”

Don’t worry, we get it! It’s still blazing hot in most parts of the country and we’re all still using our air conditioners on a pretty regular basis.

But the fact of the matter is if you plan to vacate your home for an extended period of time this coming fall or winter, now is the perfect time to talk about how to prepare for that. Specifically, how to prepare your home for that—so that you can come back to a comfortable and reliable living space when you return. Read on as we go through a checklist of tips for how to prepare your vacant home for winter.

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Power Outage Emergency? Here’s How a Generator Will Help!

Monday, March 8th, 2021

woman-bundled-up-looking-cold-on-blue-backgroundHow can a power outage be an emergency? Well for starters, if it’s a chilly winter day in PA and you’re without a heater, that’s an emergency. Or what about not having your refrigerator? There are a number of reasons you don’t want to have a power outage—but what if you could have one and still have a functioning home? You can!

The answer is a whole-house generator. These systems give homeowners a peace of mind and are more useful, plus safer, than portable generator systems. Read on as we uncover how a generator helps to keep you comfortable and safe during a power outage.

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The Benefits and Needs of a Whole-House Generator

Monday, February 22nd, 2021

whole-house-generator-installed-next-to-brick-houseIf you haven’t already discovered this yourself as a homeowner, then you should know—portable generators can be a huge hassle. First off, they can impose a safety risk, running on stored gasoline that poses the opportunity for carbon monoxide poisoning in your living space. They can also be very inefficient, when you consider the cost-fuel perspective. Plus, they’re inconvenient! Weather could very well be the reason you have to turn it on, and that requires you going outside in that bad weather.

Fortunately, we’re not here to sell you a portable generator (that wouldn’t be a very good sales pitch, right?) Instead, we’re here to introduce you to the benefits of a whole-house generator, which is arguable the better and more desirable alternative. Read on as we uncover the benefits of this system and how different it is from a portable unit, and get ready to face any power outage you may experience with confidence that it won’t be a problem in your household.

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