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I Just Got My AC Last Year – Does It Really Need Maintenance?

There are many misconceptions about caring for a large home system like an air conditioner. One that our AC specialists hear often is “My air conditioner is new – does it really need maintenance?” and the answer is, if you want it to keep running optimally, yes, it does. Maintenance isn’t something you do after you find your air conditioner running poorly; it’s a service to schedule before that can happen. Typically air conditioning maintenance should be scheduled annually, but if you are off by a few months (or even a lot of months), you should schedule it at your earliest convenience. Why? Here are some reasons:

Maintenance isn’t a quick review of your system.

For some it may be, but when you call Boehmer Heating & Cooling for a maintenance appointment, you are scheduling a full tune-up for your AC system. This means that your system undergoes a thorough inspection and cleaning that offers many benefits.

Your AC’s efficiency level will drop 5% every year it isn’t properly maintained.

It may not seem like a lot to drop from 100% to 95%, but if you go without maintenance for three years, you are looking at an energy efficiency loss of 15%. This amount of money can start to add up significantly.

Your AC may not be able to cool as needed.

When your air conditioner carries the wear and tear from seasons past, it is fighting an uphill battle because its components are covered in dirt and dust and are likely not lubricated as needed. This makes it much harder for your AC to meet your cooling needs.

Your air conditioner will be more prone to repair and breakdown.

During a professional maintenance appointment, your AC is inspected, cleaned and lubricated, and small repairs like worn fan belts are conducted. Without this annual maintenance, these things aren’t taken care of, and make your system more prone to potential malfunction and breakdown.

Just because your AC is new doesn’t mean it’s infallible. Call the experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling today and schedule a preventive maintenance appointment for your system in Baldwin, PA!

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