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Having Problems Cooling Your Second Floor? Here Are Some Suggestions

If you have a two-story home, you know that heat rises. But if you are experiencing very disparate temperatures between your downstairs rooms and upstairs ones, something is amiss. Some homeowners may think this is an indication that your air conditioner isn’t big enough; this isn’t likely. If your AC wasn’t big enough, your entire home would be affected, not just the upstairs. So what can cause your upstairs living spaces to be considerably warmer than your downstairs ones? Here are some thoughts:

  • Poor insulation in your attic space – heat rises, but what it really does is look for cooler air to move toward. During the summer, this means the hot air in your attic space – which can reach temperatures of over 150 degrees – will look for cooler air to occupy. As such, it will try to move to your air conditioned living spaces. If your attic and/or second floor isn’t properly insulated, it will do so.
  • Ductwork needs attention – what kind of shape is your ductwork in? Is it faulty or full of dirt and dust? Anything that can obstruct or re-direct the cool air from reaching your upstairs spaces will have a direct impact on the comfort of those rooms.
  • Ductwork isn’t installed well – if you have very curvy or twisted ductwork, which is typically a result of poor initial installation, your cool air may be getting lost as it travels to through your system. Working out these kinks and providing a straighter path to the registers may be what’s required.
  • Too much daytime heat gain – does your second floor gain a lot of heat during the day? You can cut down this heat gain considerably by using long drapes or blinds to block the light, as well as ceiling fans to better circulate your cool air.

The experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling are here to help with all of your AC needs, so if you are having problems cooling your second floor in Upper St Clair, PA, call us today!

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