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Why Keeping Your Thermostat at a Consistent Setting Doesn’t Save You Energy

There are a lot of so-called “helpful tips” passed along regularly by friends and neighbors. One of these tips is that you’ll save more energy when you keep your thermostat set at a steady temperature all the time rather than changing it for when your home is unoccupied or at night. Simply put, this is false. It can be hard remembering to turn your thermostat up and down, which is why the experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling strongly recommend installing and using a programmable thermostat in your home. But first, let’s take a look at why keeping your thermostat at the same temperature doesn’t save you energy.

It’s About Energy Usage

So why doesn’t keeping your thermostat at a consistent temperature save you energy? The reason is that it takes less energy to cool (or heat) your living spaces than it does to keep the thermostat at the same steady temperature around the clock.

How Does a Programmable Thermostat Help?

When you have a programmable thermostat, you can set a program that lasts for 7 days and that also has up to 4 temperature changes per day. This allows you to accommodate for the comings and goings of various members of your household while keeping firm control over your cooling. If you have a steady routine, you can loop the 7-day program continuously. So what kinds of benefits can you see from programming your cooling? Here are some for consideration:

  • Better energy efficiency
  • Better cooling
  • Less wear and tear on your system
  • Better control of your system

Our experts can help you find and install a new thermostat that fits your needs, and show you exactly how to use it so you can program the thermostat as needed for all occasions. This includes vacation time and nighttime adjustments.

Call Boehmer Heating & Cooling today and see how a programmable thermostat can help you achieve the energy saving you want in Bethel Park, PA.

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