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Ceiling Fans and How they Help Your Cooling System

brown-wooden-ceiling-fan-on-grey-ceilingDid you know that not only can a ceiling fan help keep you cool, but it can also improve the efficiency of your air conditioner? Actually, it can improve the efficiency of your forced-air heater, too (more on that below!)

When you live somewhere with a summer climate like ours, you want to do everything you can to stay cool and comfortable, while not breaking the bank. Well, a ceiling fan, or multiple ceiling fans, is a pretty simple way to reduce what you pay for air conditioning in Allison Park, PA.

Contributing to the Cooling Process

You likely already know that fans help keep people cool. There is a fan within your cooling system already, after all, that helps it keep you cool. But that fan alone can’t actually lower the temperature of the room—no fan can do that on its own. Your air conditioner has a variety of components working together to bring down the temperature in warmer months, including:

  • Refrigerant, which transfers heat from inside your home and expels it outdoors.
  • The indoor coil, which absorbs heat and cools it down.
  • A compressor, which adds pressure to the refrigerant so it can do its job.

Without each of these components working together to complete their jobs, all a fan can do on its own is to recycle warm, stale air that’s already in your living space. It simply moves air around—but when used in combination with your air conditioner, it can absolutely boost efficiency and help your cooling system out.

Supplementing Your Cooling

Ceiling fans allow your air conditioning system to do a better job of evenly distributing conditioned air throughout your home. They’re highly effective since they spread out the cool air you’re already enjoying from the cooling system. This helps the compressor shut off sooner, which is where the boost in efficiency comes from. Your AC system won’t have to work as hard to do its job over the course of the summer season, and therefore you’ll see a decrease in your cooling bills.

As we stated above though, ceiling fans alone do not bring down the temperature. They can help you feel cooler since they help sweat evaporate from your body, which is how we humans cool off naturally. This is why we always feel cooler if we are standing in front of or directly under a fan.

Supplementing Your Heating

We don’t exactly have mild winters around our parts. Which chilly days and unbearable nights, there’s no doubt that you’d want to do everything you can to stay as warm as possible, without spending more than necessary to do so.

The good news is, the same way your ceiling fans help boost AC efficiency, they can also help boost efficiency from your forced air heater. There’s a switch on the center part of a ceiling fan that allows you to reverse the direction of the blades. Doing this allows your fan to pull down the hot air that’s risen to the ceiling, therefore contributing to a better distribution of heat, and allowing you to turn the thermostat down a bit. This helps the environment and saves you money!

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