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Zoning Your Home for Better Energy Efficiency

When you have a large home, heating and cooling costs are always higher than you’d like. The energy it takes to warm a home that has several bedrooms and, therefore, several vents can be costly. And some days, it seems like the only way to save is to lower the temperature beyond comfort.

Upgrading your AC or heating system to include zone control could be the solution you need for lower bills during even the most extreme temperatures—and an improvement to your comfort!

You Make the Decisions

Zone control systems divide up your ductwork into sections, each equipped with their own thermostats. You get to decide how high or low the temperatures are in any room or zone you are in. Or, you can use a central thermostat to keep temperatures even throughout.

Evenly Distribute Warm and Cool Air

What often makes a heating and cooling system work harder is the fact that parts of the home are heated or cooled faster than others. For example, downstairs rooms are going to heat slowly since heat naturally rises. But your heater will keep running consistently in an attempt to heat these rooms anyway.

A zone control system automatically adjusts dampers as needed to heat the whole home to your ideal temperature. That means you are not wasting energy to move air into upstairs rooms, for example, when you really only need more air downstairs.

Don’t Have Central Air? You Can Get Zone Heating Too!

Even if you don’t have a central air and heating system, you can have zone heating and cooling. With a ductless mini split system, you don’t need a central blower fan. You get individual blower units in different rooms of the home, allowing for built-in zone control since you can get a central thermostat while still adjusting rooms individually.

Contact the friendly folks at Boehmer Heating & Cooling for a zone control system or ductless heating and cooling in Pittsburgh, PA.

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