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4 Things to Do for Better Home Efficiency This Fall

Are you hoping to have lower bills this year than you did the last? That can be difficult, especially as your heating system starts to decline a little bit in efficiency with each passing year. Still, if it’s not the right time to replace your heating system just yet, there are certainly tasks you can do and services you can schedule that help to improve efficiency and lower your bills. Check it out!

Change the filter

If you have a forced-air heating system, like a furnace or a heat pump, this is perhaps one of the easiest things you can do. Change the filter now and each month for maximum airflow throughout your heating system. With a blocked, dirty filter, a lot can go wrong, but with regular replacements, your heater runs a lot more smoothly.

Schedule a Professional Maintenance Visit

Fall is the best time of year to schedule a maintenance appointment to get your heater into shape. If you schedule maintenance each year, your heater is likely to have a longer life, and it’s less likely to break down in the winter. Adjustments and fine-tuning keep your furnace or boiler running smoothly, which may amount to lower bills this year.

Consider an Upgrade

You may want to upgrade your HVAC system for better efficiency year round. A Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to change the temperature from your phone, even when you are not home. And a zone control system can give you control over various rooms in the home, allowing for greater efficiency.

Find an Efficient Setting on Your Thermostat

A lot of people are unclear on how their thermostat works. We think it’s important that everyone understands that raising the temperature to the highest possible setting won’t actually make your home heat up faster. It will only heat it past the point of comfort!

We recommend setting the thermostat to about 68° and lowering the temperature by 5-10° when you leave the house. If you don’t know how to set your programmable thermostat, check your manual, try an online search, or call a local technician.

For professional heating services in Baldwin, call Boehmer Heating & Cooling and ask about our expert maintenance services.

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