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Have You Had Your Furnace Checked Yet?

Now is the time! If your furnace has not had a thorough inspection yet this year, we strongly recommend getting on the phone with your local heating and air conditioning company ASAP! What makes this service so important?

It’s a Fuel-Burning Appliance That Gets a Lot of Usage

When the colder weather finally starts to be a full-time presence, you use your furnace every single day—all day long. While there are other gas appliances in your home (likely the stove and the clothes dryer), they don’t get the same amount of usage as a furnace.

And, unfortunately, an appliance that burns fuel could put you at risk for a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide results from the fuel combustion process, but it’s supposed to vent safely outdoors. However, if there’s a problem with a safety switch, the heat exchanger, or your vent pipe, this odorless, colorless, toxic gas could seep into your home.

An annual inspection allows a technician to check the most common areas for carbon monoxide to leak from in order to protect your family from this dangerous substance.

Why You Should Schedule Furnace Maintenance Annually

In fact, annual furnace inspections help to protect your home and your budget in a number of ways.

  • Safety – Annual inspections help to protect your home from carbon monoxide, gas leaks, and fire hazards.
  • Performance – Furnace inspections help a technician to determine if anything is broken so that you can schedule repairs before the heating season starts. That way, you won’t have to deal with the annoyance of a broken-down heater in the middle of winter.
  • Efficiency – The efficiency of your furnace may improve with a visit from a local heating technician. That’s because a qualified technician who provides a complete tune-up and inspection may make adjustments to the system to help it run more smoothly, saving you money each month on heating costs.
  • Furnace Life Expectancy – Your furnace may actually stick around for longer with annual tune-ups, since it is able to operate with greater efficiency for longer.

If you need heating maintenance in the McMurray, PA area, call the team at Boehmer Heating & Cooling. Get your furnace into shape today!

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