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Zone Control: It’s Great for Cooling and Heating

Have you been looking for a cooling and heating solution that will help you customize your heating and cooling while also satisfying the people in your home? Then you are going to want to consider the installation of a zone control system. This type of system works directly with the source of your air delivery: your home’s ductwork. The HVAC experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling can help you with a zone control system for your home in Bethel Park, PA – just give us a call!

Why It Works So Well

You may have heard, or experienced yourself, the problem with closing a vent in a room that isn’t being used: the air flow becomes unbalanced within your ductwork, causing system-wide problems. With zone control, this won’t be an issue. This is because the air flow is controlled by motorized dampers installed into the supply side of your ductwork. A main control panel acts as the control station in the system because the thermostats in each zone are connected to the main control panel as well as the motorized dampers. This means the control panel is the instrument that opens or closes the dampers as needed to maintain the temperatures in each zone.

What Else Can I Expect from a Zone Control System?

Zone control works equally well for both heating and cooling. It helps reduce your energy usage because you can turn off, or turn down, heating or cooling to areas that aren’t occupied or that aren’t being used – something you can’t do just with air duct registers. It also reduces wear and tear on your HVAC system because your system will run less because you’ll only be using the heating or cooling you need.

Call the HVAC experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling today and see how a zone control system can help your home!

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