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Why Are Certain Rooms Drafty or Uncomfortable?

If it’s been going on for a long time, you might just start to think it’s normal for certain rooms of your home to be draft or to feel cooler or warmer than others. However, you should be concerned about this issue for more reasons than one.

Yes, it’s uncomfortable. But also, your air conditioner and heater have to work harder to get the whole home comfortable when one part of the home struggles to reach the proper temperature. You could end up paying a whole lot on heating and air conditioning costs and on repairs, all for a system that doesn’t even keep you as comfortable as it should.

What Causes Drafts

Drafts in the home (or hot spots in the summer) are often due to air leaks. Air leaks can happen for several reasons. When your home was first constructed, builders left gaps so that features could be added in. There may be holes around recessed lighting, the chimney, windows and doors, or the pipes.

What Causes Temperature Variations

Differences in the temperature around the home could also be due to leaks in the air ducts. Leaky ducts are extremely common, and some amount of air and heat could leak into the attic or other unoccupied areas of the home. This also forces your AC and heater to work too hard, potentially wearing down the parts of your AC system or heater prematurely.

Solving the Problem

We recommend scheduling a home energy audit to learn about where your home and ducts are leaking and to find ways to remediate the problem. Remember, leaks can cause high bills, problems with your comfort system, and a higher likelihood of pollutants and allergens in the home.

A professional will diagnose your home and recommend solutions like air sealing or air duct sealing. Insulation along won’t help to solve these problems. You need durable materials put in by professionals with air sealing so that the insulation can do its job.

Call Boehmer Heating & Cooling today to get a home energy audit in Mount Lebanon or a surrounding area, and to lower your bills. We offer exceptional customer service from honest, highly trained technicians.

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