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Repair or Replace: What’s Better for Your AC System?

It’s getting warmer and warmer, and you’re not sure whether your AC system is going to be up to the challenge of another cooling season. You noticed problems the previous season, but you put off repairing them as long as possible. Now, you’ll have to have it fixed soon. But can it be repaired? Or will you need to replace it?

Often Repairs Are Possible

Of course, repairs are possible in many cases. When your AC fails, you might need to have a technician seal a leak, you might only need a new capacitor, or you could need to replace the compressor (a costly part). You likely won’t know until you call a technician.

However, oftentimes a repair is not worth what it would cost. You might have a technician tell you that a replacement is your only option (and you’re welcome to request a second opinion). You might have to decide for yourself. Here’s our rule of thumb: If a technician quotes a repair as being half the cost of a brand new system, it’s not worth it!

Mismatched AC system components don’t operate as smoothly as a unit that has all of its original parts. It’s more likely to fail prematurely and operate less efficiently when the components are not designed to work with one another. Besides, if one part has already deteriorated, the others are likely soon to follow.

Other Times You Should Replace the AC

We already discussed above that you should probably replace your AC system when the cost of a repair would be about half what a new system would cost anyway. And, of course, if a technician condemns your system (confirmed, perhaps, by a second opinion), it’s time to move on. We also recommend a replacement if:

  • the system is over 15 years old (when it’s most likely to fail suddenly),
  • the system needs a lot of repairs over the course of its lifespan, or
  • your air conditioner is oversized or undersized for your home, operating poorly and inefficiently.

Call Boehmer Heating & Cooling today and schedule an AC replacement appointment (or repairs) in Mount Lebanon, PA.

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