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Save Money on a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit

We are committed to helping homeowners save money all year long. That’s why we offer comprehensive home energy audits in the Baldwin, PA area. And right now, we’re offering a special: you can save $100 on a home energy audit when you book today!

Why Have an Energy Audit for Your House?

When a home is brand new, it’s sealed for energy efficiency. Builders do what they can to keep a home airtight so that heat and air don’t leak out or transfer in and out. But over time, a home can lose efficiency quite a bit. And older homes are often missing the insulation or efficiency levels to begin with that make modern homes so much more efficient.

An energy audit can reveal areas of your home that need more attention to make your AC and heating systems run more efficiently and to lower your monthly utilities. In addition, an energy audit can pin down indoor air quality, safety, and comfort issues.

What Changes Should You Make to Your Home?

When you have an energy audit, a technician will recommend certain changes you should make to make your house more efficient. They may find that you should do any of the following things to help your home run smoothly:

  • Add insulation.
  • Update insulation.
  • Seal air leaks.
  • Add weather stripping.
  • Replace windows.
  • Improve ventilation.
  • Update or maintain HVAC equipment.

How Much Can You Save?

The amount you can save will completely depend on which changes you choose to make to your home. An energy audit includes a thorough inspection and consultation, but scheduling further services is up to you and your technician. However, many homeowners end up saving 20% or more on heating and cooling bills, and this can last for many years to come.

Boehmer Heating & Cooling offers excellent service and fair pricing to homeowners in the Baldwin, PA area. Call to find out more about our special offer, available through 2/28/2017. Save $100 on a home energy audit from our specialists!

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