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How a Home Energy Audit Can Help Your Home

Wouldn’t you love to pinpoint the exact areas of your home where you are losing heating and cooling? By scheduling a professional energy audit with a Boehmer Heating & Cooling energy expert, you can. A home energy audit can help you understand where your home is losing energy, as well as how much energy your home is using. It takes training and expertise to conduct an effective home energy audit in Pittsburgh, so call the people you can trust: Boehmer Heating & Cooling.

What Is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a series of tests and evaluations done in your home to pinpoint areas where you are losing heating or cooling. There is some variation as to the types of tests and analyses performed, but here is a general overview of what to expect from any professional home energy audit:

  • Thorough visual inspection – the specialist will conduct thorough inspections of your home’s exterior and interior to assess your home’s building envelope and potential issues inside.
  • Insulation inspection – an insulation inspection helps determine if you have enough insulation throughout your home, and if you have the right type of insulation.
  • Attic inspection – attic space can greatly affect your energy efficiency if it isn’t properly insulated; it can also allow for mold growth should there be issues with excess moisture. This inspection will identify any standing issues with your attic space.
  • Home appliance and HVAC inspections – thorough inspection of your HVAC system, hot water heater, dryer and any other home appliance; the purpose of this inspection is to detect any developing or existing energy problems.
  • Blower door test – pinpoints the exact areas of air leakage in your home.
  • 12-Month analysis of energy bills – this analysis helps determine your home’s energy consumption over the last year and the costs associated with it.

Home Report

Once all of the findings have been reviewed and analyzed, you’ll be given a comprehensive report detailing the findings and recommendations on how to fix any problems that were discovered during the process.

Energy.gov estimates that a home energy audit can save you anywhere from 5-30% on your annual energy bills. If you are concerned about the energy efficiency of your home, call Boehmer Heating & Cooling today and schedule a home energy audit in Pittsburgh with one of our experts.

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