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Home Energy Solutions: How Does It Benefit Me and My Home?

Is ineffective and inefficient heating or cooling a headache for the people in your home? Do you shut off your air conditioning or heating system even on the most uncomfortable days because you cannot bear the thought of spending more money on your monthly utilities? The folks at Boehmer Heating & Cooling are proud to offer home energy solutions in Pittsburgh for homeowners looking to solve a number of problems with the conditions inside of their home.

When you schedule a home energy audit, we’ll test, inspect, and evaluate all of the areas of your home that could contribute to an unpleasant climate or poor indoor air quality. This includes an analysis of your utility bills and the state of your HVAC system. Technicians will check for any duct leaks, air leakage in the home, poor insulation, and any other problems that may contribute to inefficiency and discomfort. Then, they’ll give you a full report of their findings and recommend services to correct your particular issues. Afterwards, you may notice any of the following advantages.

  • Retain Even Temperatures throughout the Home. Many homeowners struggle with an HVAC system that distributes heat or air unevenly in various rooms or areas of the house. With duct repairs, proper insulation, and/or HVAC maintenance, you should no longer notice this issue.
  • Lower Your Energy Bills. Improper insulation, air leaks, and a faulty HVAC component can all cost you more every month. Our home energy solutions will keep your home running as efficiently as possible to reduce energy bills.
  • Eliminate Excessive Dust, Mold, and Mildew. By sealing any air leaks, changing filters, and installing solutions for poor indoor air quality, you can significantly reduce the amount of allergens circulating in the air.
  • Keep Your Home Safe. Technicians will check the gas lines and electrical connections to make sure your home is as safe as possible.
  • Extend the Life of Your HVAC Equipment. Finally, with an HVAC inspection and cleaning as well as air duct services, your heater or air conditioner may last longer and require fewer repairs over time.

These are only a handful of the benefits you may notice when you receive home energy solutions in Pittsburgh. Call Boehmer Heating & Cooling and ask about scheduling a home energy audit today.

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