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Why is My House So Cold?

You’ve turned on the heater and are right to expect a prompt response from the system. However, it’s been close to an hour, and all you’ve got is an increase in your frustration and the number of complaints from everyone in the house who is too cold.

We understand why a stubbornly cold house would be frustrating and we want to help. Often, the lack of heat is one of the signs that you need a furnace repair. We will explain this and other warning signs below so you know when you need to schedule expert repairs.

5 Signs You Need Furnace Repairs

If your heater is unable to heat your home reliably then it is a pretty clear indicator that something is very wrong with your furnace. There are other warning signs to watch for that may help you avoid the battle with a cold home.

  1. Short cycling: You turn on your furnace and discover that it only runs for a few brief minutes before shutting off, just to start back up again within a moment. This is known as short cycling and it indicates a serious need for repairs. This can be very hard on your furnace and may shorten its lifespan if it isn’t addressed soon enough.
  2. Weakened airflow: The furnace should be able to blow and distribute warm air evenly through the house. Weakened airflow in one part of the house, or throughout the entire house, is a sign of a problem. You may have a fan malfunction or a leak in your ductwork that is hindering the hot air from reaching its desired destination.
  3. Strange noises: Your furnace isn’t going to be silent when it is running. However, it shouldn’t make an excessive amount of noise either. Sounds that may indicate that your furnace needs repairs include hissing, booming, clanging, rattling, screeching, continuous clicking, and more.
  4. Delayed start-ups: Turning on your furnace should involve a brief moment of pause before the system turns on and begins to run. Longer delays before the furnace begins to work can indicate burner or heating element issues. If left unaddressed, this will lead to the furnace not starting at all.
  5. High energy bills: Make sure to watch your energy bills. Large spikes in your energy bills that don’t coincide with large increases in your furnace use will indicate a furnace that is struggling to operate effectively and efficiently. Those large energy bills make it hard to use your furnace when you need it.

If your furnace is malfunctioning enough to lose its ability to heat your home then you absolutely would benefit from reaching out to a professional team like ours for a prompt repair. We are trained, certified, and available 24/7. Our goal is to help get to your furnace before it stops heating altogether. Whatever your situation though we are here to help.

Call the friendly staff at Boehmer Heating & Cooling for exceptional customer service! Schedule your next furnace repair with our team today.

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