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It’s Time for Annual Heater Maintenance!

woman-by-heater-boiler-armAs we transition into cooler weather, technicians tend to catch a break, as AC systems are shut off and heating systems have barely started to run. You probably won’t be able to tell if your heating system is not working correctly quite yet (unless it’s completely broken down), so we don’t expect a lot of calls for heating repair or replacement until late fall or winter, when temperatures really begin to take a dive.

You might think that we’d be excited to get some relief from emergency AC and heating calls, but the truth is that we care about your heating system, your health, and your home. We don’t want you to have to make emergency heating calls in the winter, and we definitely don’t want you to risk your health and safety by putting off service. That’s why it’s time to call in technicians for annual heating maintenance!

What Is Heater Maintenance?

Heating maintenance is a service recommended annually by HVAC technicians, preferably before the temperatures really start to drop (in late summer or early fall). The service typically consists of two main parts:

  • Inspection – Your technician carries a checklist of items to go over when looking at your furnace or boiler. They can provide a visual inspection, check electrical connections, search for problems in the flue vents, and much more. Afterwards, they will let you know if you should schedule repairs for any failing parts.
  • TuneUp – Some components can get tuned up in the spot, without having to schedule repairs ahead of time. We often find we need to clean the burners, adjust the gas pressure, or lubricate the moving parts.

Why Would You Need an Inspection?

An inspection helps to identify the state of the components in your heating system. In rare cases, we find out that your heating system is actually dangerous to operate, with the potential to leak carbon monoxide into your living space.

Otherwise, we may find that something needs to be repaired before the season begins. That means that you won’t have to worry about the heater suddenly breaking down in the middle of winter.

Won’t It Be a Waste of Money?

Of course heating maintenance is not a free service. However, there are plans that make it much more affordable. Maintenance plans, like our Plus and Signature agreements, involve monthly or annual payments that mean the cost will never be a burden. When you sign up for our plan, you also get a 15% discount on all repairs made throughout the year!

Besides, you save money in many ways just from a single maintenance session:

  • The tune-up helps all of the components to run more smoothly, which may help to reduce your monthly energy and fuel costs.
  • Making a repair early on in the season, rather than on a cold night, helps you to save on emergency costs, which usually involves an extra charge. It also helps to prevent additional components from breaking down, which may happen as you run the heater for longer and wear down the parts.
  • Heating systems that receive regular maintenance may actually last longer than those that do not!

For quality heater maintenance in Whitehall, PA, reach out to the team at Boehmer Heating & Cooling.

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