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My Heater Stopped Working: Is It the Thermostat?

When the heating system stops working in a home, the phone call that heating contractors get often goes as follows: “I think my thermostat stopped working. We’re not getting any heat.” Of course, the thermostat has electrical components, which means it could fail at some point in time. However, of all the components of your heating system, could the thermostat really be at fault?

So Could It Be My Thermostat?

Feasibly, your thermostat could be the reason for a struggling heating system or one that won’t turn on at all. However, the chances that your thermostat is the problem are actually quite low, especially when you consider how many other parts make up your heater.

Just because your thermostat doesn’t respond in the way it should, it doesn’t mean the thermostat is at fault. A faulty blower fan will be unable to respond property to your thermostat. A troubled ignition system would also experience problems when you adjusted the thermostat settings, but the thermostat is typically not the source of your problem.

Is It Just User Error?

Often, people call technicians before they really take the time to investigate the thermostat settings. Commonly, technicians show up to repair a problem only to find the thermostat is in the wrong setting, or one that just needs new batteries. Before you call a technician, double check to see that you haven’t accidentally switched it into cooling mode, or that it’s not stuck in “fan on” mode for air circulation.

Then What’s the Problem?

Depending on what problems you’re experiencing with your heating system, a number of issues could be responsible for your lack of heating. It might be that your heating system is done for, the parts too worn down to perform properly or efficiently any longer. Or it could just be that you need a simple electrical component replaced.

In any case, you’ll need a professional to diagnose the problem. Typically, there is little you can do on your own, besides trying a filter change or resetting the circuit breaker (although, if it keeps tripping the circuit breaker, you should have a technician check out the problem as well). Call local heating technicians ASAP to get the problem resolved!

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