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Why Are My Heating Bills So High?

We don’t want you to feel like you have to shiver under some blankets just to save some money on your monthly bills. If your heating bills seem way too high this year, it could just be that you haven’t taken the right steps to get the problem under control.

You Haven’t Changed the Filter

If the air filter is too dirty, the heating system cannot take in enough air, which means it cannot heat enough air to keep you comfortable. In fact, this small part could force the heater to malfunction and fail prematurely if you don’t change it often enough (usually every 1-3 months). Changing the air filter is such a simple way to improve your air quality and keep your heater running in good condition.

You Aren’t Using It Efficiently

One of the major reasons energy bills are so high in the winter is that homeowners don’t know how to program their thermostats for maximum efficiency. For example, turning up the thermostat all the way when it’s very cold out won’t heat up the house any faster. It will heat at the same speed, but it will make the house warmer than it needs to be, increasing your bills. Keep a schedule so that your heater turns on automatically when you need it, and consult your manual for help understanding your thermostat settings.

Your Heater Is Too Old

It could just be that your heating system is too old to go on, in which case we recommend replacing it for performance, safety, and efficiency reasons. An older heater is more likely to leak carbon monoxide and gas. And eventually, no amount of maintenance can keep it from operating smoothly and efficiently.

You Should Schedule an Energy Audit

An energy audit with a qualified technician can help to reduce your bills, giving you the opportunity to seal up leaks and solve other energy efficiency problems your technician finds during testing. This service is only available from select technicians, and while it takes up quite a bit of time, it can help you to save a lot of money for many years to come.

Boehmer Heating & Cooling provides energy audits and heating services in the Baldwin-Whitehall area. Call our friendly staff for exceptional customer service.

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