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Is Your AC Losing Energy Efficiency? Schedule a Mid-Summer Maintenance Appointment!

If there’s a month that represents summer’s heat, it’s August, and your air conditioning system is working full time to make sure your home has the cool air you need. Have you noticed that your system may not be running as well as it was in the beginning of the summer? Not in the sense that something is wrong, but that it just seems off? The experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling have a great solution for that: mid-summer maintenance.

How Does Maintenance Help?

“Maintenance” can be a pretty generic term. When our AC experts talks about maintenance, what they are really referring to is a full tune-up for your air conditioning system. No part of your AC unit is left untouched. A thorough inspection is conducted to detect any existing or developing problems, components are cleaned and adjusted if needed, and all moving parts are lubricated. Performance testing is done and checks of the system are performed, including a check of your refrigerant. Maintenance isn’t a simple once-over; it’s the care your AC needs to operate well.

What Kinds of Benefits Will I See?

For starters, you should start to see better efficiency right after the appointment. This is because your components are in shape to work optimally, which allows them to use less energy, not more. Another benefit you’ll see is better comfort. If your air conditioner was struggling to meet your cooling needs before, it won’t after a professional maintenance appointment. Lastly, if your AC was under-performing due to an existing or developing problem, it will have been detected during the maintenance appointment, giving you the opportunity to get your system back on track.

Don’t let a poorly operating air conditioner get you down. Call Boehmer Heating & Cooling today and schedule a mid-summer maintenance appointment for your AC in the Baldwin-Whitehall, PA area!

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