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How Does a Geothermal System Cool My House?

It may seem a strange idea to cool your home using the natural resources of the Earth, but that’s exactly what happens when you have a geothermal system in Bethel Park, PA. However, cool air isn’t generated, as we’ll explain more below. The important thing is that should you be interested in using a geothermal system, or have one that needs servicing, that you hire professionals who have experience with this type of system. The HVAC specialists at Boehmer Heating & Cooling have been working with geothermal systems for a number of years, and can help you with all of your geothermal needs.

It’s All About Transference

Geothermal systems use a heat pump to provide both cooling and heating for your home. Heat pumps do not generate hot or cold air; rather, they transfer heat from one location to another. For cooling, the warm air and humidity in your home is absorbed by the heat pump, and then the heat is released through the ground loop buried in your yard. The ground surrounding the ground loop acts as a heat sink where the heat from your home is released and absorbed by the soil.

Is This Kind of Cooling Adequate?

Geothermal systems are more than just adequate for whole home cooling; they can offer some benefits that other systems can’t. The first one is tremendous energy efficiency. It’s estimated that for every unit of energy used to cool (or heat) your home, you get back 3-4 units. This makes geothermal systems 300-400% energy efficient. Another benefit of geothermal cooling is that these systems can dehumidify your home up to 30% more than traditional air conditioners. As such, your home will feel cooler and dryer.

If you are considering the installation of a geothermal system, or have one you need dependable assistance for, call our experts today!

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