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5 Reasons Homeowners Love Tankless Water Heaters


Many homes in our area still rely on traditional tank water heaters, which are dependable and time-tested means of providing hot water for your home. But they’re not the only system out there and if you’re looking for a new water heater this holiday season, you might want to consider a tankless system.

Instead of using a big tank to heat up the water, tankless heaters use superheated coils to warm the water instantly as it passes through the pipes on the way to your sink or bathtub. It costs more to install and tends to work best in smaller homes with fewer members (though multiple units can be installed in larger homes). But the benefits can be considerable, and you should consider them when wondering if a tankless water heater is right for your home.

They Provide Instant Heat

With traditional water heaters, there’s usually a little wait as the hot water gets to your faucet. Tankless models eliminate that wait since the heat exchangers activate as soon as a water tap or plumbing appliance is turned on and create a demand for it. These systems are also called on-demand water heaters.

They Offer Long-Lasting Heat

Sooner or later, everyone experiences that uncomfortable moment when the hot water runs out in their shower or while washing the dishes. But because tankless water heaters don’t have a finite capacity like tank models do – heating the water “on demand” as we mentioned above – you never need to worry about running out of hot water.

That said, it is possible for a tankless water heater to be overwhelmed. If, for instance, there are too many taps and plumbing appliances demanding hot water at once, this can happen–showers, your dishwasher, washing machine, etc. For this reason, some homeowners choose to get a separate tankless system for just their bathrooms, or even a smaller capacity tank water heater.

They Are Long-Lasting

Conventional storage-tank water heaters can last a long time if they’re well taken care of (15-20 years) but tankless systems could potentially last 25% longer since they don’t have to contend with the same amount of potential corrosion.

They Save Money

By heating the water instantly, tankless models don’t force you to waste any water running the tap, and since they don’t need to heat as much water at once as tank models do, they expend less energy to do so. That adds up to increased savings from month to month, putting money back in your pocket.

Tankless systems are a bit more expensive to purchase and install upfront, however, the money you save over the long run will make up for this.

They Save Space

Tankless water heaters are unobtrusive. With tank water heaters, you need space in a garage or even a closet inside your home. Tankless water heaters, however, can be installed on an interior or exterior wall, out of the way of any other appliances, and without taking up a storage closet you could surely find a better use for.

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