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Sealing Air Leaks: An Easy Way to Improve Home Efficiency

Making a few changes to your home can create major change in your monthly bills. Sealing up air leaks is one way to reduce your bills and stay more comfortable throughout the year. But many people do not even realize that there are air leaks in the home, or that they are really adding onto monthly costs.

Find out how to detect and seal air leaks in the guide below or by calling our specialists. Schedule an energy audit to find home energy solutions so you can save even more over the years.

Minor Air Leaks Add Up

Pinhole-sized air leaks throughout the home may not seem to be too much of a bother. Often, these are found around doors, windows, pipes, or vents. But these tiny leaks add up. Many people have leaks the size of a basketball when you add it all together.

When air leaks out of your home, you lose out on the heat that goes with it, and it can take a lot longer to get your home to the temperature you’d like. That means more money added to your bills.

Sealing Up Leaks

Sealing air leaks is a simple weekend project that can make a difference throughout the years. Caulk can seal up some leaks, while weather stripping goes around windows and doors to create a tight seal.

Finding Air Leaks and Other Efficiency Issues

The hard part is figuring out where, exactly the leaking is in your home. Some leaks are obvious—gaps in doorways you notice when you come in or an old leaky window you’ve been meaning to replace anyway. Others are nearly undetectable.

Schedule an energy audit to find out where air is leaking in your home with the help of a blower door test to pinpoint air pressure differences in the home. A complete energy audit also includes additional information about how to improve efficiency and comfort in your home.

For a complete energy audit in Pittsburgh, PA, get in touch with Boehmer Heating & Cooling. Call our friendly staff for exceptional customer service.

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