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Is Your HVAC Equipment Holding Up with These Temperature Swings?

The spring weather has been rather unpredictable this year, and it’s tough to know whether you’ll need your heater or your air conditioner next! In the meantime, your heater is taking on a lot of extra work, and you may have noticed that it’s not performing as well as you’d like. Can it wait to be repaired? Our experts say no.

Schedule repairs at the first sign of trouble

It’s so important for you to schedule repairs right away when you notice a problem. If the temperature from your heating system isn’t quite right, if it’s making strange noises, or if it struggles to start up, it’s a problem that won’t go away on its own. Waiting to schedule repairs can only make matters worse!

  • The problem can only get worse. Right now, there might only be one part in need of repair. But the longer you wait, the longer the heater is forced to run with that broken part. That means that it becomes more and more likely that it will become overworked and break down when you really need it.
  • You’re spending more on monthly bills. When a part is broken, everything has to work a little harder to keep you warm, which means the system uses more energy and costs more to operate.
  • The repair may cost more later. The other parts could fall into a state of disrepair attempting to heat your home with a broken part, resulting in more needed repairs and higher costs later on.

Schedule a maintenance visit

Want to prevent your heating and AC equipment from failing when you need it? Your best line of defense is maintenance. Changing the filter each month and scheduling annual AC and heating system maintenance visits help to prevent problems from occurring and get your system into excellent condition.

Call Boehmer Heating & Cooling for exceptional customer service and quality heating repairs in Bethel Park and the surrounding areas.

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