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Why a Bigger HVAC System Isn’t Always the Better Choice

Are you considering an HVAC system replacement? The best time to do so is springtime, as our temperatures mellow out and technicians will be less likely to be out on emergency calls. Before you rush out and get the biggest unit you can, however, you need to know that a bigger unit is not necessarily better. If your system is too large, then it will continuously shut on and off to compensate for its size. This process is called short-cycling, and is damaging to your HVAC system, plus it doesn’t efficiently cool or heat your home.

What’s Wrong with Short-Cycling?

Short-cycling does not allow your system to work as effectively as it should, therefore wearing it down faster than normal. Additionally, it doesn’t allow your HVAC system to properly dehumidify your air. AC units typically don’t start dehumidifying your indoor air until they’ve been running for 8-10 minutes, and they simply don’t run this long if they’re short-cycling. As a result, excess moisture can start to create various problems within your home: warped furniture and wallpaper, mold presence, discomfort, and even illness.

How Do I Size My System?

An HVAC professional will need to size your system, and they’ll do this by looking at several different factors. Your home’s square footage is one aspect, but they’ll also consider the ceiling height, location and number of windows and doors in your home, your insulation, and how many occupants are in your home. Additionally, energy-efficient upgrades can affect the air conditioner size you need.

If you are replacing an existing HVAC system or if you are getting a new one altogether, it’s important to ask your HVAC technician how they’ll be sizing the system. A true professional HVAC technician will know there’s more to sizing the unit than simply measuring the square footage of the conditioned floor area.

If you are looking to install an air conditioner in Pittsburgh, PA, call the friendly staff at Boehmer Heating & Cooling for exceptional customer service.

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