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Has Your Heater Broken Down in the Middle of the Night?

In our area, we cannot go for very long without a working heating system. When the heater breaks down, you need it to start working again ASAP, especially if there are seniors or small children in the home, and if you have no alternative means of keeping warm. So what can you do when your heater breaks down in the middle of the night?

Find a company offering 24-hour emergency services

Many people assume that heating and air conditioning contractors are only available during regular business hours. But many of the most qualified contractors stay open for 24 hours a day, ready to take your calls and provide emergency services as soon as you need them.

A quality contractor should have the trucks fully stocked at all hours of the day so that technicians can come out right away to provide services. Have the number of a local technician you can trust saved in your phone or on a slip of paper near the thermostat so that you can be ready to pick up the phone should you need professional services right away at any time of night.

Schedule maintenance each year to prevent this

Of course, even if you’re working with some of the finest technicians in the area, you don’t want to deal with a heating system breakdown in the middle of the night. Schedule professional maintenance visits with a skilled professional and your system breakdowns may be few and far between. A technician will inspect the entire system and provide a tune up to get everything up to speed.

Lots of companies claim to offer emergency heating repair services. But very few truly do, using machines to answer the phones or rejecting customers if they are not prepared for the job. Call Boehmer Heating & Cooling for true 24-hour emergency services near Mt. Lebanon. Our vans are fully stocked, 24 hours a day. Call our friendly staff for exceptional customer service.

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