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Taking Care of Your Furnace Before the Season Ends

technician-working-on-furnaceFor the most part, the weather in our area is relatively predictable throughout the year. As we transition into spring, however, it really could go either way. We may start seeing much warmer temperatures in just a couple of weeks, or we could have some more cold weather ahead. If the former occurs, you’ll likely be tempted to turn off your furnace for the season and not give it another though. However, if you have repair needs, delaying them could leave you with a headache and a costly repair bill.

Ignoring any sort of heating system malfunction can cause it to turn into a much bigger problem, leaving you with a broken down heater next fall when you need the system the most, or depending on the circumstances even a malfunctioning air conditioner—for example if the problem is a ductwork or an air filter problem.

But how do you know when you actually have furnace problems that need managing? We’ve provided some helpful signs below.

Your Home Is Drafty

Have you notices that your household isn’t heating up as fast as it used to, or you’re finding cold spots in certain areas of your home? If so, it may be that your heater isn’t able to perform as it once did. As such, it also won’t work as efficiency. Another possibility is that you’re dealing with a miscalibrated thermostat or damaged ducts—one of the problems that can negatively impact your cooling system, too.

Your Furnace Is Making Odd Noises

No matter how minor the sound might seem, if your furnace is making a noise you don’t recognize or is alarming, you’re right to be worried. A few sounds in particular that should definitely alert you to a problem include a mechanical clanging or banging noise, hissing or clicking—indicative of a cracked heat exchanger, or even just general noisy performance.

Your Energy Bills Are Inexplicably High

It’s not unusual in itself to see your energy bills rise in the wintertime, of course, but you shouldn’t see a sudden spike or dramatic increase over what you paid last year. If you do notice this, it’s a sign that your heater isn’t working as efficiently as it used to, and something is amiss to cause that.

Your Heater Is Short-Cycling

Short-Cycling is the process where your HVAC system turns on and shuts off in rapid succession, which increases wear and tear on the system. If you have a fairly newer furnace system and have always experienced this, unfortunately it means your system wasn’t properly sized for your home to begin with. However in an older system that’s never experienced short-cycling, it’s a sign of a repair need.

Contact Us for Professional Furnace Repair

Even if you only wind up needing your heater a little bit in the coming month or two, it’s a wise idea to have repairs completed as soon as you need them. Letting a furnace sit in wait throughout the spring and summertime with lingering repair needs could result in a large and expensive hassle for you when you need the system again in the fall.

You can quickly find yourself facing unexpected and expensive issues that require immediate attention, all while HVAC technicians are at their peak busy season and harder to pin down for a maintenance session. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by giving our team a call as soon as you suspect a furnace repair need.

For expert furnace repair in Mt. Lebanon, PA, contact the friendly staff at Boehmer Heating & Cooling, where you’ll get exceptional customer service!

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