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Get a Boiler Cleaning and Check-Up Before Winter Comes

When you have a boiler, you know that it provides heat and comfort unlike you can experience from many other types of whole-home heating systems. A boiler uses a large tank to heat up water and then distributes the hot water to different points around the home. Heat radiates to reach objects and people and make you feel direct heat.

People love their boilers for this style of heat delivery, for their efficiency, and for their durability. Unfortunately, there is a common problem that boilers in our area tend to run into: dirty boiler tubes.

Cleaning out the boiler once a year is necessary if you want to feel confident that a dirty boiler won’t cause efficiency, performance, and safety issues. Learn more about how a boiler cleaning and tune-up can help to prevent major problems below, and call technicians for a tune-up ASAP!

Why Your Boiler Needs to Be Cleaned

Dirty burners can cause quite a bit of trouble with a gas boiler. Eventually, a buildup of dirt may mean that the system cannot start up properly. Take care of the dirt before the heating season begins so that you don’t have this problem in the middle of winter!

In addition, technicians may clean vent pipes if there is an obvious clog. The technicians should let you know if there is anything major in need of cleaning, and whether there will be an extra charge to clean something not covered by a maintenance visit.

Additional Steps of a Tune-Up

With any boiler maintenance visit, you get a complete inspection of your entire unit. Technicians can tell you if something is in need of major repair so that you can schedule those before temperatures fall. Some steps of a tune-up can also help your system work a lot more efficiently so that you save money every month!

Boehmer Heating & Cooling offers boiler maintenance services in Whitehall and throughout the area. Call our friendly staff for exceptional customer service.

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