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Should I Buy a Bigger Air Conditioner?

Does your air conditioner have trouble cooling down certain parts of the home? You may have been disappointed to learn after purchasing your AC or after moving into your new home that the air conditioner does a poor job of cooling your entire home. Air conditioners do, however, come in different sizes, so you might have come to the conclusion that your air conditioner just needs to be bigger.

The Problem with an AC that Is Too Large

If you upgrade to a larger AC system, you may be asking for trouble. Air conditioners are designed to cool a certain amount of space. There is only one size that is the right fit for your home. When it’s too small, an air conditioner won’t do a good job of cooling the home—and it will use a lot of energy trying.

But when it’s too large, it can short cycle, which can be just as bad for your AC system. This means that it runs for short periods of time more frequently. And all of this constant starting and stopping can really wear down the unit, potentially lowering the lifespan.

Potential Solutions

Some potential solutions that could work for your air conditioning woes include zoning the home, getting an energy audit, and seeking out repairs.

  • Zone Control – A zone control system uses dampers to divide your home into separate zones. More air can be let into the spaces that are harder to cool, like the upstairs rooms.
  • Energy Audit – This can help you to determine why your air conditioner wastes energy without really keeping you cool. It could be lack of maintenance, problems in the ducts, or leaks around the home. Solving these issues can help to redistribute air properly and save you money.
  • AC Repairs – There might just be a problem with your air conditioner causing it to fail to adequately cool the home. It’s worth it to call in a technician with experience to have a look.

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