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4 Reasons You’re Paying Too Much for Your Air Conditioning

Do you dread your monthly bills in the summer? Have you recently learned that your air conditioning costs are much higher than those of your friends and neighbors? Cooling costs can be quite high in the summer, but if your bills are unreasonable, there are a few reasons your bills may be higher than they need to be.

You Set the Thermostat Too Low

It could be that your thermostat is set too low, or that you’re using it too much—or both. We see this a lot, homeowners set the temperature on the thermostat to the low 70°s or late 60°s when it’s warm outside because they think they need the house to be colder. But chances are that you’d be perfectly comfortable at an efficient 78°. Keep the temperature here, but raise it by about 5-10° when you are away.

You Have Inefficient AC Equipment

It might be time for an upgrade. An old 10-15 year old air conditioner doesn’t have the power it needs to keep you cool. As parts degrade over the year, it needs more and more energy with each cycle. You’re likely to notice a major difference in your energy costs as soon as you upgrade to a new unit.

You Need Repairs

Of course, replacing an air conditioner isn’t always going to be the best course of action when it comes to dealing with inefficient equipment. It might just need repairs! Does your air conditioner take a very long time to cool your home? Something is probably amiss, and you’re paying so much because your air conditioner is working extra hard in an attempt to cool your home with a broken part.

You Don’t Maintain It

If you don’t properly maintain your air conditioner, you may encounter all kinds of issues with the way the system operates. Changing the filter is key to proper performance and energy efficiency each month, as is scheduling a maintenance visit each year. A smoothly running air conditioner with clean components won’t cost so much to keep around.

Schedule AC repair, replacement, or maintenance services with Boehmer Heating & Cooling if you’re in the Bethel Park area. Call our friendly staff for exceptional customer service.

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