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3 Reasons to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Now

Our Pittsburgh temperatures are starting to climb, so we know a lot of our customers are beginning to use their air conditioners more and more. Generally, doing maintenance on your AC before summer is optimal, but the truth is, if you haven’t had your AC inspected for a while, any time is a good time for maintenance. Why schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Pittsburgh, PA with Boehmer Heating & Cooling now? We’ll give you 3 reasons why now is a good time for your AC to get a tune-up:

Reason #1: Prevent Repairs

During a routine maintenance appointment, your technician will thoroughly inspect your air conditioner, clean parts like the coils and air filters, and adjust and/or repair things as needed. Items like worn fan belts, loose screws, potential electrical issues and possible refrigerant leaks are checked and fixed, if found to be faulty, helping to stave off larger repairs that can come about as a result of smaller items being left unattended. Simply put, routine maintenance helps put you ahead of the curve of potential repairs, which can save you both money and time.

Reason #2: Energy Efficiency

As the summer heats up, so does the use of your AC, and an air conditioner that hasn’t been maintained will most likely cost you more money than one that has. Why? An air conditioner that has been adjusted, lubricated and repaired as needed will run optimally; one that hasn’t won’t. Regular maintenance is a great way to help keep those summer utility bills from climbing up with the rising temperatures.

Reason #3: Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner takes in a lot of dirt, dust, and other airborne particles; these particles enter your system and infiltrate the air that is blown back in, compromising your indoor air quality. Cleaning is one of the main aspects of routine maintenance, including parts and filters; in addition, an AC that runs well means your comfort won’t be compromised due to a stressed or malfunctioning system.

Have a Great Summer by Scheduling AC Maintenance Now

Our temperatures are only starting to climb – is your air conditioner ready for real summer heat? The best way to find out is by scheduling a maintenance appointment.

Since 1933, Boehmer Heating & Cooling has been helping customers in Pittsburgh with their air conditioning maintenance. Don’t run the risk of having your air conditioner stop working on the hottest day of the year – call Boehmer Heating & Cooling and schedule your maintenance today!

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