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Coronavirus Update

To our Valued Customers,

We are open, and are continuing to provide service to our customers. We wanted to let you know what our policy is during this time. We know going without heat is not an option, especially if you or your loved ones are ill. Below are the measures that we have implemented to keep our staff and customers safe:

  • We are monitoring CDC and state-agency guidelines and protocols.
  • Our technicians are staying home if unwell or if a family member is unwell.
  • We limit technicians’ interactions in our facility with office staff and other technical staff.
  • On site, our technicians will practice social-distancing.
  • We will limit our presence to areas of concern and the mechanical equipment with your authorization.
  • We wear facial masks when interacting with you.
  • Between appointments, we clean and sanitize our devices.

Additionally, we are often asked about the role that indoor air quality, and air purification play in relation to the current virus outbreak. There are many factors to consider regarding the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) and its possible transmission in your home. While there are various and effective indoor air quality measures available to help protect your safety, including duct sanitization, ultraviolet (UV) germicidal light treatment, and HEPA air filters, they alone cannot protect from all forms of COVID-19 transmission. It is important to follow all official guidelines for preventing the spread of this virus.

APCO Freshair UV lights have proven through testing to effectively inactivate >99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 Virus within 0-2 seconds.

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Air Purification Options

While we are spending more time indoors during this time, it’s important to consider the quality of air inside the home. Start with changing your filter regularly and running the fan throughout the day to keep your air circulating.

We offer various indoor air quality products such as the APCO Fresh-Aire UV®, a whole home in-duct HVAC unit. The Fresh-Aire UV® features EverCarbon™ cells which contain a proprietary antimicrobial nanotechnology, thus, acheiving faster kill rates for microbial contaminants in the air as well as on surfaces. To learn more about the product, and to read the current bulletin regarding COVID-19 please select from the following options:

COVID-19 Bulletin

Fresh-Aire UV Product Information