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Give Your Indoor Air Quality a Boost During Cold & Flu Season


When most homeowners think of the main thing that affects their home comfort, they probably think about its temperature. When it’s sweltering hot or freezing cold outside, having a dependable AC and furnace is indeed paramount to comfort and safety. 

However, having the perfect indoor temperature isn’t the only thing that affects your comfort, safety, and health. Your indoor air quality (IAQ) is just as important. That’s why we provide comprehensive IAQ services. From air purifiers to air cleaners, read on to learn how these systems can boost your IAQ not just during cold and flu season, but all year round. 

Which IAQ System Is Best for Me?

This is a difficult question to answer because there might not be a single indoor air quality system that will fix every single IAQ problem that you may be experiencing. Different IAQ systems have different applications which is why you need a professional HVAC company to asses your homes and needs. 

To boost the IAQ in your home and maximize the benefits of the system, a multi-pronged approach to poor IAQ may be necessary. Let’s go over the two most common IAQ systems that we install in homes today. 

Air Cleaners: Electronic air cleaners and purifiers trap airborne pollutants such as dirt, dust, and pollen. 

Air Purifiers: Air purifiers usually use UV light to eliminate certain pollutants that are too small for air cleaners such as bioaerosols, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants.

How Do These Systems Help During Cold & Flu Season?

Just about everyone expects to catch a cold in the winter. That’s because so many people do get sick during “cold and flu season.” As the weather turns cold and makes it difficult to spend time outside, people spend most of their time inside their homes or at places that are closed up tightly against the elements. 

You and your family members are all bringing home germs and viruses home with you from work, school, stores, and restaurants. According to the EPA, the quality of indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than the outside air for these very reasons!

Contributing to poor air indoor air quality are all sorts of contaminants you may not even be aware of such as those on this list of common pollutants from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 
  •  Allergens 
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Formaldehyde 
  • Lead 
  • Mold 
  • Pesticides 
  • Pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches, termites, and their feces
  • Pet dander
  • Radon 
  • Smoke 

When you’re ready to get an IAQ system installed in your home, schedule a consultation with the knowledgeable professionals on our team. We’ve been the trusted choice for heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality solutions since 1933. We’ll discuss your IAQ concerns and come up with a solution that’ll boost your IAQ and reduce how frequently you suffer from colds, the flu, and allergy and asthma symptoms.

Call the friendly staff at Boehmer Heating & Cooling for exceptional customer service! Schedule indoor air quality services in Whitehall with our team today.

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