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Pittsburgh Heating Repair Guide: Faulty Fans

When it comes to heating repair, Pittsburgh residents benefit from knowing what to look for. Our chilly winters make heating a top priority, and problems should be addressed quickly lest they leave you without heat in the middle of a cold front. Homeowners should know the signs of a fan problem, which can cause a great deal of mischief when it comes to providing heat for your home.

Fans blow the warmed air to move it throughout your home, making them a vital part of the heater’s distribution system. If they’re shut off completely, either because the blower motor has overloaded or the entire system has lost electricity, then the air won’t move at all.

A less dire but still problematic issue occurs if the fan becomes loose in its housing, or if the fan blades become bent or broken. Besides impacting its overall efficiency, the misaligned blades can grind up against its housing in the heater, possibly causing damage and increasing the cost of anticipated repairs. Something similar can happen if something slips past the filter and gets caught in the fan. At the least, it will cause damage to the fan itself and other components. At the most, it could trigger an overloaded fan motor, shutting down the entire heating system.

There are several signs that a faulty fan is the source of the problem. If it’s grinding against something, you’re likely to hear it. In that case, you should shut off the heater immediately and contact a repair technician in order to prevent further damage to the system. A faulty fan may also signal itself with a reduced air flow, or air flow which has stopped entirely.

For issues with faulty fans and other forms of heating repair, Pittsburgh has a company ready to help. The experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling understand how to fix faulty fans, and are ready to get yours back to functioning effectively. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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