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Heating Repair in Pittsburgh, PA: Thermostat Issues

The heating system in your home is called a “system” for a reason: it is more than a single machine that produces heat, like the tank of the boiler or the cabinet of a furnace. A heating system also includes access to a fuel source, a distribution network, and an interface for the homeowner. That last item is the thermostat, and although it is usually distant from the heating unit itself and a physically small component, it is essential for getting you the warmth you need for a Pennsylvania winter.

Thermostats can require repair (or replacement) just like any part of your heating system. In this post, we’ll look at some thermostat troubles you might encounter and repairs they may require. For high-quality Pittsburgh, PA heating repair—from thermostats to whole system replacement—turn to Boehmer Heating & Cooling. We have NATE-certified technicians ready to help you.

  • User error: Modern digital thermostats offer homeowners a variety of features, presented on large, easy-to-read displays with user-friendly interfaces. But it’s still possible to set them incorrectly so they turn heaters on and off at inappropriate times, or lower the temperatures when it should be raised. For zone controlled heating systems, you’ll probably have multiple thermostats, increasing the chance of one getting set incorrectly. Before you look for more serious technical issues with your thermostat, double check that you have it set correctly, and consult the user manual.
  • Miscalibration: A thermostat that misreads a home’s temperature will reduce the quality of your heating performance. Even if off by only a few degrees, a programmable thermostat can refuse to turn on when you most need it; or it will heat up your house to uncomfortable levels when you don’t need much heat at all. If multiple attempts to set the thermostat correctly do not work, you’ll need HVAC professionals to take a look at it.
  • Improper placement: If your thermostat was initially installed in the wrong location—near drafts or where it receives direct sunlight for long periods—it will record “ghost readings” of the temperature and turn on and off at the wrong times. You will probably need to re-locate it.
  • Failure: If the thermostat does not seem to affect the heating system at all, then there may be a wiring issue at fault that will require electrical work to resolve. There are other possibilities for why a heater won’t turn on, so get a professional to look over your system to decide on the proper repairs.

Getting fast and skilled heating repair in Pittsburgh, PA is essential during our long winters. If you have thermostat trouble, or any heating trouble whatsoever, contact Boehmer Heating & Cooling right away.

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