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Common Zone Control Heating Problems

Either as an upgrade to an existing system or as part of a new installation, a zone control system makes a lot of sense. They divide your home into different sections, allowing you to raise or lower the temperature of each one separately. So one family member can turn up the heat in the bedroom to stay warm while another can turn it down while working over a hot stove in the kitchen. Zone controls help cut down on monthly heating bills since you can simply turn down the heat in areas of the home you aren’t using. What kind of issues might those be? It depends. Here’s a brief list of common zone control heating problems.

  • Stuck dampers. With any zone control system, you might have problems with the dampers or valves. If they won’t close (or stay stuck) then the zone they control can’t be heated or cooled the way you need it to. A technician can usually get into the duct system and fix the stuck damper with a minimum of effort.
  • Control panel. The control panel is what regulates the dampers in the zone control system, and because it is electrically powered, most of the problems with it stem from there. If it isn’t working, it may have a faulty component or there may be a problem with the electrical flow coming into it. In some cases, the component can be repair. In orders, the whole panel needs to be replaced.
  • Thermostats. The thermostats for each of your zones can have the same problems as a thermostat that controls the temperature in your whole house.  They can misread the temperature, fail to activate when they should or fail to turn off the system when the desired temperature has been achieved. A trained technician can repair or replace them as appropriate.

For help with common zone control heating problems, Boehmer Heating & Cooling is here to help. We handle all kinds of Pittsburgh heating repair services, and we can address the issues plaguing your zone control system with speed and efficiency. Call us today to make an appointment!

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