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Common Boiler Problems

Listing “boiler problems” takes a more work than listing “furnace problems” or “heat pump problems.” That’s because boilers experience fewer repair needs and malfunctions than other home comfort system because they do not use as many mechanical parts that can break or wear down. Boilers have remarkable longevity because of this, and with basic maintenance performed once a year by a professional, your boiler should give you at least two decades of excellent heating.

But although there are fewer “boiler problems” to list, they do exist. Here are some troubles with boilers that will require you call for heating repair in Pittsburgh, PA. You can reach Boehmer Heating & Cooling 24 hours a day when you need emergency work to restore your malfunctioning boiler.

Boiler problems that require repairs

  • Frozen pipes: In a city that can get as cold as Pittsburgh, pipes freezing can become a major problem—and the pipes attached to your boiler are as susceptible as those attached to your regular plumbing. Frozen pipes will often burst, and you’ll need professionals to replace the afflicted sections. The repair technicians can also help you insulate your pipes to avoid freezing problems in the future.
  • Leaking: Any system that circulates water can suffer from leaking. Aging pipes, poor soldering, corrosion, high water pressure… all can lead to your boiler springing leaks. You need professionals to seal the leaks before it reduces your boiler’s heating ability, and also to find out what caused the leaks in the first place.
  • Sediment build-up in the tank: Over time, the water tank of a boiler can begin to collect sediment that will settle along the bottom of the tank. This sediment can contribute to rust and a dangerous increase in water pressure. Technicians can flush the tank to eliminate the build-up.
  • Limescale: If the water inside the boiler’s system is hard (i.e. it contains too much calcium and magnesium), the high temperature will cause a phenomenon called limescale to develop inside the tank as it heats the hard water. Limescale is in insulator, and this will unbalance the temperature in the tank, leading to high water pressure.
  • Cold water mixing in the tank: A broken mixing valve can cause cold water to enter the top of the tank and begin mixing with the hot water, causing a drop in water temperature throughout your home. If you notice rumbling from the tank, this is probably the reason.

Call for professional repairs

Boehmer Heating & Cooling can take care of the heating repair in Pittsburgh, PA you need to restore your boiler if any of the above happens. Don’t try repairs yourself… you may only cause further damage. Put your trust in our NATE-certified technicians.

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