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3 Causes of Boiler Leaks

Boilers have a number of advantages that keep them competitive as heating options. Perhaps the most attractive one is longevity. Boilers have few mechanical parts, which means they are less prone to wear and tear due to age. With regular maintenance, they can last over two decades and require few repairs during that time.

It’s rare for any system to last that long without any repairs, however, and boilers do have a particular issue that sometimes needs professionals to fix: leaks. There are a few different reasons for leaks to occur, but no matter how they happen, they need immediate attention before the whole heating system is compromised or a house sustains water damage. Boehmer Heating & Cooling has worked on boilers since 1933; place your trust in us when it comes to your boiler in Pittsburgh, PA.

Three common reasons for boiler leaks:

1. High water pressure

Boilers are designed with an expansion tank to maintain water pressure inside the main tank as the temperature rises. But if a malfunction occurs that allows the pressure to increase or the water to overheat, it will start to cause leaks to spring up in multiple connections and valves throughout the boiler system. A professional will need to seal the leaks and discover the reason for the pressure spike.

2. Corrosion

Wherever water and metal meet, there is possibility of corrosion occurring. Although modern boilers are designed to resist corrosion, it can still occur because of oxygen infiltration into the tank. Corrosion weakens metal, and will soon cause leaking to begin. Corrosion must be removed as soon as possible before it spreads too far and requires a full tank replacement.

3. Improper installation

We cannot emphasize this enough: you must rely on professionals to install a boiler system. If your boiler received poor installation, it will lead to multiple troubles, but leaking is the most common. Untrained installers usually perform poor soldering jobs on the connections, and these will soon start to develop leaks. Although sometimes repairs from experts can fix initial installation glitches, often the whole boiler will need to be replaced.

If you detect leaks anywhere on your boiler, call for service right away. If you notice a decrease in heating power or hear a rumbling in the tank (often a sign of overheating), you should also call for repairs. Take good care of your boiler and it will reward you with many years of effective warming that will outstrip any other heating system.

Boehmer Heating & Cooling is available for 24-hour emergency service. We also offer maintenance plans to keep your boiler in Pittsburgh, PA in good shape all year.

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