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How to Get Your Heat Pump Unstuck From Cooling Mode

man-looking-cold-in-front-of-thermostatWhile you probably don’t need to use a heating system quite yet, cooler daytime temperatures are right around the corner! And once fall hits in earnest, you’ll be glad to have a fully functional and efficiently working heating system in place. So what you are using a heat pump, and it seems to be stuck in cooling mode?

First, you’ll want to check to see if the thermostat is actually set in heating mode. Sure, this seems obvious, but there is always the chance that a member of your household switched it back over because they preferred a different temperature than you. Assuming that you’ve checked this and the heat pump is blowing out cold air when you switched it over to heat, it likely means your heat pump is, in fact, stuck in cooling mode. But how does this occur, and what should you do about it? The answer to the latter is “call our pros!” but as for how this occurs, read on.

You Might Have a Broken Reversing Valve

Typically, when a heat pump is stuck in cooling mode, it means it has a broken reversing valve. This can cause it to be stuck in heating mode, too. The reversing valve is the component that sits along the refrigerant line as is tasked with switching the direction that the refrigerant flows through the lines within the heat pump.

Essentially, the reversing valve is what makes a heat pump different from a traditional air conditioner. If it breaks down, you’ll be without both your heat and your air conditioner. This will vary on how the manufacturer set the reversing valve’s “relaxed” state, in which it doesn’t receive an electric charge, but the point is, if you aren’t getting heat from your heat pump when you’re expecting to, you have a problem that needs to be fixed!

Fortunately, a broken reversing valve is a relatively easy fix for our technicians. We’ll swap out the old valve for a new one, and you likely won’t even need to wait for repairs very long since reversing valves are pretty common components that HVAC pros regularly have on hand.

You Might Have a Thermostat Issue

Another possible cause for a heat pump stuck in cooling mode is a problem with your thermostat. It could be a faulty wiring connection causing your thermostat to lose the connection to the heat pump. Therefore, there would be no signal for the system to even start heating.

This is a “simple” repair for our professionals, but certainly not a DIY project. Thermostats may be little components, but the wiring that connects them to your heat pump system can be dangerous in untrained hands.

You Might Have a Refrigerant Leak

If you’ve noticed lukewarm air coming from your heat pump, but not cold or hot, you may have a refrigerant leak. There’s a fairly common misconception that refrigerant runs out like gasoline from a car, but this isn’t the case. If your system is losing refrigerant, it means there is a leak that must be repaired right away. Give us a call!

For professional heat pump repair in Pittsburgh, PA, call the friendly staff at Boehmer Heating & Cooling for exceptional customer service!

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