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Geothermal System Guide

Geothermal systems serve as a viable alternative to traditional gas furnaces, using the ambient temperature in the ground itself to heat your home. They usually cost more to install than gas furnaces, and may require certain types of property to function as they should, but they make up for that with lower month-to-month costs and a reliability that can’t be beat.

The system basically works like this: a trained technician installs pipes under your yard, which circulates a water or a mixture of water and anti-freeze. This liquid absorbs heat from the ambient temperature of the ground, and then goes to a heat pump. The heat pump heats the air and circulates it throughout your home. In the summer, this process is reversed to cool your home.

Some geothermal systems are planted horizontally,  with the pipes at least 4 feet beneath the surface.  This usually needs a large property lot for it to work, but makes it easier for the technician to reach it if there’s a leak or some other repair is needed. For houses that don’t have a lot of spare space, there are vertical installations in which pipes are installed running down from 100 to 400 feet deep. While this takes less space for installation, the pipes  may be trickier to reach in the event of a problem.

Whatever the particulars of the system, they’re extremely easy to use once they’re in place. They’re also extremely efficient, which will lower your monthly heating bills as well as raising the resale value of your home. Call the experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling for a consultation. Our trained professionals can discuss your options with you, then set up an installation schedule that works for your circumstances.

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